Yes I’m concerned

Let us know you share our concern, and we will send you updates informing you of developments on the Town Board and in the Pawling community.

If you wish to take up our invitation to write to your Town Board members, we can suggest any of the following language, but be sure to add your own special concern.

Dear Councilman ___________,

Protecting Pawling’s rural character, natural beauty, and environmental health are important to me and my family.  Rezoning Route 22 north of the Village to Highway Business threatens what is most special about Pawling cherish, what brought many of us here, and what brings visitors and business to Pawling for a sustainable future.

I ask you to stop the current rush to Highway Business rezoning of North Route 22,   until a genuine, open, and participatory comprehensive planning process is established.  Any planning committee should include representatives of all parts of the Pawling Community.  They should be charged with reaching a consensus on a new comprehensive plan for Pawling.  Either that, or the recommendations of the still recent planning process of 2008 – 2010 should be respected.

The Town Board’s rush to rezone North Route 22 to Highway Business should not override the wishes of the people of Pawling.



Send to each Town Board member:

Supervisor James Schmitt:    

Councilman William Johnson

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Councilman James McCarthy

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